New Cat Project

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My next cat project is Angry Cats. The design will be featured on yoga pants and satin scarves. Throw all of your cat photos into a folder on Google Drive and then share the folder with

Pocket- T

Copy of Call for participation

Order a Pocket t-shirt or pocket square with your pets on them. This is the perfect graduate or father’s day gift. See my etsy store for details. If I have already photographed your dog, your dog is in the Dino library. If not, meet me at my studio or at your favorite dog park for a free photo session! Text me at 401-270-7623 for an appointment.

Jersey Scarves



Dogs of Boston scarf includes portraits of :

Figgy, Agatha, Watson
Semper, Nickie, August
Via, Leo, Bear
Preston, Ned, Chase,
Bran, Lilly, Finn,
James Dean, Neela, Bobo
Zoe, Jackson, Franklin,
Stella, Harlan, Emma
Izzy, Higgins, Otto
Francis, Simon Porter
Marley, Sebastian, Lulu
Dudley, Namu, Oliver
Elvis, Bear, and unknown bearded terrier

Digital print scarves on a blended jersey textile that can be washed in cool water and phosphate-free detergent. Lay flat to dry.